Winter 2015 4

A Commitment to Philanthropy

Financial planning goes beyond caring for your loved ones. It extends into your community and your causes. Prudent philanthropic planning assists in insulating your estate from unnecessary government taxes. Scott’s commitment to philanthropy is strong. As past president of the Estate Planning Council of Lee County, and founding president of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, Scott is an active advocate for supporting charitable causes.

Today Scott serves as a Senior Advisor to the Community Foundation of Southwest Florida, where he was a Trustee for 10 years. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of HOPE Clubhouse, where individuals living with mental illness become empowered to achieve independence and employment.

Dawn-Marie Driscoll and Scott
Recently, Scott attended a luncheon of the Estate Planning Council of Lee County and the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning of Lee County. Dawn-Marie Driscoll spoke on Ethics and Staying Mission Focused.

If you have questions about philanthropic planning, Scott White Advisors can help develop a strategy to support the organizations that reflect your belief system at the time you choose. We can help ensure that your giving reaches out to the organizations you care about most and leaves the greatest, lasting impact.


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