Fall 2018 1

Delaying gratification increases income

by A. Scott White, CFP® , ChFC® , CLU®
President, Scott White Advisors

What determines future income? Te answer may surprise you. A
recent study found that the ability to delay instant gratification could be one of the most important factors.

Researchers at Temple University ranked the most important deter-
minants of future affluence and were surprised to learn that putting of instant gratification was a more important predictor of income than other factors known to affect earning power such as age and ethnicity.The study of over 2,500 participants used a concept called delay discounting, or how people weigh the benefit of short-term and long-term reward. Taking an online test, participants were asked to choose between taking $500 immediately or waiting longer for $1,000 at one day, one week, one month, six months and one year intervals.

The study’s lead author, Dr. William Hampton, said, “If you want your child to grow up to earn a good salary, consider instilling in them the importance of passing on smaller, immediate rewards in favor of larger ones that they have to wait for. Tis is probably easier said than done, as very few people naturally enjoy waiting, but our results suggest that those who develop the ability to delay gratification are likely investing in their own earning potential.”


Introducing Dawn Zasa

We’re happy to welcome Dawn Zasa, Senior Planning Assistant, to the Scott White Advisors team. Dawn is responsible for organizing client financial data and for updating financial plans and investment policy statements. She is a cum laude graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Dawn is currently pursuing her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner designation. She is also participating in a three-year
program with Te Florida Trust and Wealth Management School. As a lifelong resident of Florida, Dawn grew up in Spring Hill and moved to Fort Myers in 2013. She is engaged to be married in February 2019.

Dawn said she’s happy to be part of Scott White Advisors. “Every client situation is unique. I am constantly learning new ways to better serve our clients with tailored solutions to meet their needs,” she said. “I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that my support work for Scott helps clients to achieve their goals and objectives. I also enjoy and appreciate the incredible staff I get to work with!”

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