Fall 2019

Living Alone after a Spouse Dies: More Social Interaction and Less Isolation
Introducing Janelle Lewis
A Grandparents Lasting Gift: 529 College Savings Plans

Summer 2019

Retired Guide Dog at Home with Scott and Adriana
Undermining Investment Success: Pitfalls Caused by Behavioral Bias
Jonathan White Graduates from the University of Arkansas

Spring 2019

The Life of Social Media – Even After You Die
Introducing Kelly Jelenchick
Scott Wins Award, Supports Fort Myers High School
The Days of “Every Investor Wins a Trophy” May be Ending

Fall 2018

Delaying gratification increases income
Introducing Dawn Hamm
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Summer 2018

Scam Alert: Medicare and More
Current Events
Through Every Stage of Life Scott White Advisors is There for You


Spring 2018

Hurricane Irma shuts down our office, but not our services
Our new website offers more for you
Tax law changes affect deductions, charitable giving and more
Price and quality no longer matter


Fall 2017

What is the “Best” Age to Start Collecting Social Security?
The Importance of Investing in Quality
Current Events


Summer 2017

Steps to Take When Your Child or Grandchild Turns 18
Do What I Say, Not What I Do
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Spring 2017

A Good Time for Long-Term Investors
Welcome Gary Geston, Client Service Associate
Don’t Hold Property Jointly with Children
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Testing for Earlier Diagnosis
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Fall 2016

Identity Theft on College Campuses
Getting a Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
Current Events
How Does the Average Investor Invest?
New Videos Now Online


Summer 2016

Investing Without Goals is a Bad Idea
Preparing for Incapacity is Not Rocket Science
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Spring 2016

Why 2016 May be the Best Time to Review
Your Estate Plan

Current Events
Don’t Drive Forward Looking in Your Rearview Mirror


Fall 2015

Confusing Prices with Inflation
Current Events
Panic is Not an Investment Strategy


Summer 2015

Have a Heart Campaign Supports HOPE Clubhouse
Estate Planning for Blended Families
Current Events
Tax-Related Identity Theft Increasing: Scott White Affected
Is Chinese Currency a Threat to the U.S. Dollar?


Winter 2015

Economists Meet Scott White Advisors’ Expectations in 2014
Scott Selected for Top Financial Advisory Ranking
Why Investors Are Doomed to Fail
A Commitment to Philanthropy
IRA Retirement Plan Limits in 2015
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Fall 2014

Year-End Tax Planning: Let’s Get Started
In Memoriam
How to Keep Your Brain Fit
Real Estate: A Commodity Worth Renting
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Summer 2014

Erratic Behavior? Not in My Financial Planning Practice.
Fool’s Gold: The Speculator’s Candy
Trailing an Index Return Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing: The Wreckage of Leverage


Spring 2014

Teach Your Grandchildren About Money
Study Shows Benefits of Financial Planning
Why a Stock Market Crash Can Be Good for
Investors: The difference between investors and speculators

A Time for Weddings—and Prenuptials
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Winter 2014

Picking and Choosing: Forecasting and Indexing
The Easy Way Out
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Summer 2013

The End of Investing as We Know It
Four Ways to Maintain a Healthy Brain
Time to Revisit the Family Trust
Your “Bucket List”


Spring 2013

The Irrational Investor
Planned Giving: Gifts That Make a Difference
The Global Consumer


Fall 2012

Planning for Tax Law Changes
Time Running Out for Large Gifts in 2012
The “Fiscal Cliff”
Just Tell Me What to Invest In


Summer 2012

Payroll Tax Cut Extended
Tips for Safe Travel
Medicare Plans: Which One to Choose?
Is a Donor-Advised Fund Right for You?
The Customer Is Always Right


Spring 2012

A Complex and Changing Health Care System
The Dividend Trap
New Cost Basis Reporting Rules for Coming Tax Season and Beyond
A. Scott White Achieves Top Financial Advisory Ranking


Fall 2011

Looking at an Investment Statement: an Emotional Experience
Myths and Facts about Social Security
Profile: Adriana White–Administrative Assistant, RJFS
Fighting Crime in Southwest Florida: An Inside View from Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott
Creating a Solution for Our Economy
Geriatric Care Managers: Helping You to Make the Best Decisions for Your Loved Ones


Summer 2011

Planning for Successful Wealth Transference
Staff Profile: Becky Pardue, Director of First Impressions
Identity Theft: Florida Ranked First in U.S. for ID Theft in 2010
Designing a Plan for a Surviving Spouse


Spring 2011

Identity Theft Seminar
Health Insurance Reform: What You Should Know
Farewell to Mina Lee Abshire
Highlights from Our Social Networking Seminar
Charitable Giving through QCDs: Tax-Free IRA Transfers


Summer 2010

Teaching Your Children About College Costs
Community Foundation names Scott White Secretary-Treasurer
Summer Hunger Program Fundraiser
Playing the Investing Game
Required Minimum Distributions Return
Current Events
On a Personal Note


Spring 2010

Scott White Interviewed in Wall Street Journal
Retirement Transition: Living Your New Life
Landmark Health Care Reform
Surviving and Thriving in Tough Markets: High Performance in Bad Times
Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act


Winter 2010

Finances and Alzheimer’s: Taking Care of Your Loved One
A. Scott White Selected for Executive Council
Current Events
Get Started in Social Networking and Online Communications
Financial Planning for Surviving Spouses