Life Enhancement Planning

Steps to Take When Your Child or Grandchild Turns 18

Identity Theft on College Campuses

Getting a Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Teach Your Grandchildren About Money

A Time for Weddings—and Prenuptials

Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

Organizing Financial Records Before Disaster Strikes: Five Steps to Take Now


Financial Planning

Financial Planning–Helping You See the Big Picture

Financial Planning the Right Way: Mapping Your Future with a Professional Financial Advisor

Choosing a Financial Planner: How to Select an Advisor to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Confusing Prices with Inflation

Get It in Writing: Investment Policy Statements

Preparing for the Death of a Spouse – Reduce the Stress of Loss through Proper Financial Planning

Is Chinese Currency a Threat to the U.S. Dollar?

The Global Consumer


Estate Planning

Don’t Hold Property Jointly with Children

Preparing for Incapacity is Not Rocket Science

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Funding Your Trust: A Critical Estate Planning Step

Protecting Your Heirs: Trusts and Your Estate Plan

A Charitable Legacy and Reduced Taxes: The Charitable Lead Trust

Protecting Estates and Benefiting Families: Generation-Skipping Trusts


Retirement Planning

What is the Best Age to Start Collecting Social Security?

Negotiating an Early Retirement Package

Retirement Transition Planning – Should You Take Early Retirement? How to Decide.

Retirement Transition: Living Your New Life



Philanthropic Planning

Family Philanthropy Sharing Values, Leaving Legacies

Planned Giving: Gifts that Make a Difference


Investment Planning

The Importance of Investing in Quality

Do What I Say, Not What I Do

A Good Time for Long-Term Investors

How Does the Average Investor Invest?

Investing Without Goals is a Bad Idea

Panic is Not an Investment Strategy

Why Investors are Doomed to Fail

Real Estate: A Commodity Worth Renting

Fool’s Gold: The Speculator’s Candy

Trailing an Index Return Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing: The Wreckage of Leverage

Surviving and Thriving in Tough Markets: High Performance in Bad Times

The End of Investing as We Know It

The Irrational Investor

Just Tell Me What to Invest In

Why a Stock Market Crash Can Be Good for
Investors: The difference between investors and speculators

The Customer is Always Right

The Easy Way Out